Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A Statement from LPR Marking Our 246th Anniversary as a Free People

July 5, 2022 --

Gevalt, don't turn Trump into a martyr. That, essentially, is what Never Trump propagandist Rich Lowry argues in his Politico column.


He is too mean-spirited to realize that the Resistance never holds its anti-Trump fire.

And they proceed against him by mendacity.

Just consider NYT's first call on Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sickwick's death. They said he was killed by a blow from a fire extinguisher.

What was the basis of this claim? Did they have a death certificate? Did they report the hospital to which he was taken.
Did they cite the finding of a physician.


The New York Times published a lie -- either willfully or recklessly, without knowing whether it was false or not.

This is how the media covers Trump. By knee-jerk reaction deriving from hate, not from responsible reporting.

The radical rules for reporting about Trump were handed down by Jim Rutenberg,, NYT, August 2016. That the most lurid claims about him would be acceptable as journalism was indicated at least as early as February 2016 when Danielle Allen, of Harvard, no less, wrote a Washington Post column beginning with the suggestion that Trump was an incipient Hitler. Her column, in part, was called "The Moment of Truth," when actually it should have been called "Ushering antiTrump Lies."


It is impossible for the media to be truthful in covering Trump as it was for the authorities in Massachusetts to be honest in prosecuting the lies about child care facilities.

That the New York Times and The Washington Post received Pulitzers for reporting the Clinton lie about Trump colluding with Russia as fact was a disgrace.


Mark this well. The state of journalism in the U.S.A., today, pays homage to the truth-twisting Pravda of Stalin's Soviet Union.