Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A Symbol of Our Glory

An After-Independence Day Prayer
July 4, 2007 -- the 231st Anniversary of
Our Independence -- and Freedom

JULY 5, 2007 -

May Almighty God grant that the Spirit of Liberty, Bequeathed to the American People by our Founding Fathers, in Perpetuity, be Rekindled Effective This 231st Anniversary of Independence,
and May the American People Rise Up and Say to Those Who Abhor the Founding Spirit: " Hey You, Move Back:
We Do Not Stand For Economic, Political or Social Injustice Here"

And to This End, May The Federalist Papers Be Taken Down From the
Academic Shelf and, With the Wisdom of the Founding Fathers and Chief Justice John Marshall, Be Utilized by the American People as the Proper Guide to Maintain the Spirit of Liberty Placed by The Almighty in the Hearts of the Founding Generation For Their Descendants, Direct, Collateral, and of Kindred Passion, to Emulate Cherish, Honor and Uphold, Forever.

Let Us Now Say, Amen.

Happy Fourth of July

Old Glory seen here flying outside Yankee Stadium …