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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Media’s Very Own ACELA

November 10, 2009 --

For most of us – “Acela” is the name of the hi-speed train between Boston and Washington, D.C. The name, explained by Wikipedia, is intended to suggest “acceleration” and “excellence.”

LPR realized, after Election Day, that the media has its own version of ACELA – which for them is an acronym to be applied to election results: the acronym stands for – “Angry Conservatives Exuberant Liberal Attitude.”

Adam Nagourney, discussing the post-Election Day Republicans, perceived “a somewhat inchoate populist anger that has taken hold among grass roots conservatives… .”

This observation called to mind the media’s reaction to the GOP congressional victory of 1994, a reaction that included the late Peter Jenning’s ABC radio commentary, November 14, 1994 that compared the “angry voters” to tots having a temper tantrum.

“Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage,” the commentary continued, closing with these words: “[T]he nation can’t be run by an angry two-year-old.”

There Mr. Nagourney goes – offering us the latest demonstration of political bias in the media.