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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

A Curious ...

September 15, 2013 --

A Curious Omission

Michael Barone opened his September 9 column by reminding readers that President Obama, April 2011, declared that Syria's President Bashir al-Assad "'had to go.'"

LPR does not recall hearing a similar call from President Obama with respect to Cuba: that is is time for the Castro regime to go.

Also, LPR is not aware that President Obama has been asked by newspeople how he reconciles his demands that foreign leaders leave office with the principle of national self-determination.

A Curious Coincidence

There is little doubt that President Obama had favored the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's government. By his threats to authorize a military attack on the Syrian government, Presiddent Obama signals his support for the military forces opposed to the Assad government. Those forces includes significant elements of radical Islamists who, along with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, reject the existence of the State of Israel.

LPR is waiting for a member of the Washington press corp to inquire if it is the aim of the Obama administration to surround Israel with countries zealously opposed to the existence of the Jewish State.