Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
About This Website

Welcome to Lonely Pamphleteer Review. This website consists of photographs that might not be seen in mainmedialand and of comment and perhaps some historical references that also are not likely to be found in mainmedialand by David R. Zukerman. (The "stream" is omitted on purpose from "mainmedialand.)

At it's inception, the website was originally updated weekly by Todd Gelineau of Blue Line Graphics. Currently the website is updated twice monthly by Terri Fassio of Purple Fusion Graphics and SkullCo Technology Solutions. The website is hosted and maintained by SkullCo Technology Solutions.

"The idea of "Lonely Pamphleteer Review" came to mind soon after I read the opinion by Supreme Court Justice Byron White in Branzburg v. Hayes, and its pronouncement that metropolitan publishers don't have more First Amendment rights than lonely pamphleteers."

"For a time I typed out one or two pages and sent out copies to various addresses, with just one prominent law professor asking to be removed from my mailing list."

"Now, by means of this website, anyone is free to peruse the photos and comments of this lonely pamphleteer."

-- D. R. Zukerman