Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

On the passing of Madeleine Albright

April 5, 2022 --

LPR notes that some of Secretary Albright's obituaries mentioned that she suspected she had a Jewish background. 

The obits point out that her parents were Jews who, after fleeing Czechslovakia for England to escape the Nazis, converted to Roman Catholicism. 

The obits laud her intelligence, her multi-lingual quick mind, her professional accomplishments.

The obits also note that she lost three grandpretns and 26 other relatives in the Holocaust.  Did Ms. Albright, born Marie Jana Korbel, never ask her parents where her grandparents were; where her aunts, uncles and cousins were? 

Could her parents have discouraged such questions?

According to the Albright narrative, it was only just before she was to assume the office of secretary of state that she learned, via The Washington Post, about her Jewish background.   Meanwhile, she had converted -- from Catholicism to Episcopalianism.

Apparently the parents never returned to their Jewish roots.   Still, according to one of the obits, their legacy  may include a Jewish great-grandchild  who was bar mitzvahed (in spite of themselves).