Thursday, February 25, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Allen West Wonders If It is Time to Break-Up the Union:  Here Is LPR's Modest Proposal On That Matter

December 19, 2020 --

Population transfers are not unknown to history.

Think of such transfers in Europe, after WWII. Or of India and Pakistan in 1947. Or Israel and the Arab countries in 1948.

Heavens, no need to go further than the example  set right here, after the end of the Revolution, with Loyalists going to Canada, or returning to Great Britain.

And so, the concern of Rush Limbaugh that we might see a successful secession on our own soil might not be cause for worry, but instead, could make a lot of sense.

People holding blue political mindsets would be transferred out of  red states to the blue states of their choice, while people holding red political mindsets would be transferred out of 
blue states to the red states of their choice, resettlement transportation and costs to be borne by the federal government (before the break-up into Red America, and the three blue states of Western Blue America, Eastern Blue America, and North by Northwest Blue America).

To start the resettlement program going, the undersigned would like  to be resettled in South Dakota,  because that is where Kristi Noem, a true-blue Red governor hold sway.

(Until de facto transfers caused Vermont and New Hampshire to change from red to blue, this choice would have been New Hampshire, near Lake Sunapee recalling fond memories of the skiing there, some 80 years past.)

With this suggested dissolution of the former Unioted States of America, the excision of places named for the founders of the Old U.S. A. would no longer be shocking, but quite logical, as the blue states are the ones with problems of reference to the original Founders.  Indeed, the blue states can no longer agree on the year in which the roots of  the former U.S.A. can be traced.

This is to propose that the capital of Red  Americ be located in Dallas, to honor Texas for its courageous lawsuit  before the Supreme Court of the United States that brought the issue of the logical break-up of the former United States to a head. 

One would think that Portland Oregon should be the capital of Western Blue America, need it be explained why?  Minneapolis, certainly, should be the capital of North by Northwest Blue America.  As Washingon must be removed as the name of the former federal capital, Baltimore is the logical choice for the capital of Eastern Blue America.

Consider, no more dissension over the Obamacare issue -- or, indeed, whether socialism, or even communism, should be imposed on the states of the former union.  Western, Eastern and North by Northwest will be able to install regimes ruled by coalitions of BLM, BDS and Antifa to their hearts' content, while throughout Red America, the freedom-loving spirit of the original united States, noted by Madison in Federalist No. 57, will be secure.

One more salient point: walls shall have to constructed on the boundaries separating the single Red America from the three Blue Americas, to insure no seepages of blue citizens into Red America lest demography threaten to reduce Red America to blue.  As arbitrators tell litigants in small claims court: the transfer decision is final, "no appeal is permitted."

Respectfully submitted,

David R. Zukerman, presently a red citizen in the deep blue state of New York