Thursday, June 20, 2019
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From Poor David's Almanack
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September 3, 2009 --

A cooked goose lays no eggs

Debtor's prison, no! Starvation hospice, okay.

Nocare: the new medical plan for the infirm, the elderly, the destitute.

If, per Haagen Daz, a pint is now 14 ounces, how much will it cost to issue new arithmetic workbooks?

A rising tide can be sign of a tsunami

A skidding economy should be driven in the direction of the skid.

Is a psychic who wonders why you are photographed her neon sign really a psychic?

* * *

Personal almanack question? Why does MSN's Bing grab LPR photos and post them on the Bing sittem without crediting LPR. much less paying LPR and getting it, rightfully, out of insolvency?

Lloyd Blankfein, Ivan Seidenberg, Ben Bernanke -- what do you guys think?