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Anti-Rush Limbaugh Code Words

October 20, 2009 --

The beyond LPR- words, gifted New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey recently opposed, with no little vigor, the possibility that Rush Limbaugh would be in a group purchasing the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League. (And three days later, Rush was rushed out.)

The columnist wrote that Limbaugh "spews code words to his constituency." The quoted words could be another way of saying -- speaking to the choir. It is not clear to LPR, however, what "constituency" the columnist has in mind.

BTAIM (Be that as it may), LPR picked up some code words, themselves, in the Vecsey column:Ex.: "spews." Would the next word that comes to mind possibly be "hatred"? Or "venom"?

Also "braying with glee" Picture a donkey, here -- a/k/a "ass"?

Also "vicious delight" The oxymoron of a very talented writer. ("Wordsmith" could have LPR accused of code-ism.)

Also "Limbaugh's double chins quivering with joy". Doesn't "quiver" generally suggest a fearful statement of mind? Double chins quivering -- obviously ad hominem comment but, for LPR, suggesting bowl full of jelly.

Also "divisive baggage." Cf. "My Fair Lady" - "throw the baggage out"

Also "This posture" LPR reads this as "insincere."

Also "[Limbaugh] is not about economic conservatism or political conservatism, which have an honorable place." Two questions: Then what is he about? See "spews." Honorable place where? - the past, perhaps. For LPR -- this is code for: Limbaugh is linked to conservatism--economic and/or political and there is nothing currently honorable about him or them.

Also "Dave Checkett's new best friend." Dave, you don't want to have anything to do with him.

The columnist ,five paragraphs down, cites one source for the proposition that Checketts and Limbaugh are not friends. Code for -- please disregard all of this which is written pursuant to the requirements of the gray lady. Further support for this interpretation? "the N.F.L.'s officious gray heart". Code for the "gray lady" -- said "lady" being The New York Times.

The term "jib" also appeared in the column. In the N.F.L. context, jib perhaps is code for "justly influential billionaires". And so, here could be Limbaugh's major infraction -- he might not yet be a billionaire. The columnist quoted a passage on the ownership policy of the N.F.L., which seems to declare an open right to discriminate.

"'Prospective buyers and sellers should bear in mind that the N.F.L. reserves the right not to approve any application for membership.'" Code for the sign dropped on the limp body of Rock Hudson after his fight with Sarge, at the end of "Giant"?

Rev. Al, please copy.