Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Down with the anti-Trump, anti-Democracy Cabal

September 5, 2022 --


Why do I wonder what James Clapper, former director of national intelligence -- under President Obama -- is up to these  days.  Why?  Because this ferociously anti-Trump denizen of the swamp hasn't been heard from, for a long time -- certainly not the past year and a half, or so, of the left's incessant hounding of former President Donald J. Trump.

Recalling his harsh attacks on Mr. Trump, during his presidency, I did some googling August 23, and, as it happened, brought to the fore a Washington Post article, August 23, 2017, headlined:  "James Clapper questions Trump's fitness, worries about his access to nuclear codes."    "[W]orries about his access to nuclear codes"?   Haven't we heard talk, these past days since the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, August 8,  insinuaitng that Mr. Trump is wrongfully holding onto nuclear information?   Now  from where could such unwarranted suspicions have arisen?   From, perhaps, a James Clapper advising Attorney General Garland, from the shadows the past 18 months -- along with his anti-Trump confederates John Brennan and James Comey?

The Mar-a-Lago raid has a resi ipsa loquitur aura about it.   Or, to put it differently, Occam's Razor explains what it's all about.  It's what consumes Rep. Liz Cheney, leading to her soon-to-be status as former member of the House of Representatives: the  complete and final destruction of  Donald J. Trump.    This is apparent from a term stated by  federal magistrate Reinhart in Florida's southern district, explaining  his position that might allow some disclosure of the FBI affidavit submitted for the  Mar-a-Lago search, including the former first lady's garments.   

This Politico article includes a link to the magistrate's memorandum.  


The term that leaped up from the computer screen is "pre-indictment search warrant."   "Pre-indictment?"   Is Magistrate Reinhart, whose background includes anti-Trump remarks worthy of a James Clapper, functioning as doorkeeper to the October Surprise, this election season:  the indictment and criminal trial of Donald J. Trump -- on a charge that comes down to: daring to get elected 45th president of the United States over the rabid objections of the aggrandizing class, more familiarly referred to as the "deep state?"

Evidence that Mr. Trump has been found guilty by Clapper and his cabal for serving as president is made manifest by the egregious action of President  Biden, or whoever serves as his surrogate, disallowing Mr. Trump's justified exercise of  executive privilege.
Executive privilege that can be revoked by an antagonistic successor to a former president is no privilege at all.  That Biden claims the power to delete Mr. Trump's standing as former president calls to mind the Soviet practice of erasing the memory of the old Bolsheviks who had disagreements with the tyrannical Stalin.

There is no room in the  liberty-loving traditions of the United States for airbrushing out of existence the fact of a presidential term, and its concomitant aftermath.

By application of the legal principle of res ipsa loquitur, by application of Occam's Razor -- in short, by application of simple common sense, the current insinuations, based on the Mar-a-Lago raid, that Donald J. Trump is somehow culpable and must be tried and convicted, are the bogus ramblings of a power-mad cabal that, unfortunately, controls one political party and most of the media.   We have another political party.  It is time for the personnel of that party to defend Donald J. Trump, to defend the Constitution, to defend the American spirit of liberty,