Thursday, February 25, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Briefly Correcting Rejectionist
Anti-Trump Propaganda

October 19, 2020 --

If President Trump wants to undermine democracy, is an authoritarian, dictator, autocrat, totalitarian, and so forth, why didn't he long ago shut down The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN et al.?   Why hasn't the president jailed critics -- most of whom denounce him in scurrilous language? 

Why hasn't the president outlawed the Democrat Party -- or at least made it impossible for a Democrat to get elected, as is the case in California races for the U.S. Senate where Democrats run against...Democrats?  Why do we have the Democrats in control of the House?  Why did we undergo 22 months of a special counsel probe of the president based on ... nothing? 

Why did we have a House vote for impeachment?  And why are we in the middle of a presidential election if President Trump were a dictator? 

Do polls in totalitarian nations ever predict that the dictator will lose?

Don't dictators always get re-elected with no less than 98,8 percent of the vote?
The country established by the Founding Fathers is at risk if President Trump is defeated.  As the late H. Ross Perot might have said:  it's as simple as that.

P.S.   After writing the above item, I learned, on-line, that former Senator and GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole thought that the Republican members of the Commission on Presidential Debate were Never Trumpers.   

This would explain their decision to make the October 15 debate virtual, and their subsequent decision to cancel that debate, leaving only the October 22 debate - when they could have made October 22 the date for the second debate and October 29 the date of the third debate.  Now there will be no third debate.  (Maybe no further debates, at all.) This could also explain how the debate moderators always seem to insinuate anti-Trump/pro-Biden messages in their questions.

Here's a thought.   Let's have two 90-minute open-ended debates, where the candidates give their views on domestic policy one night, and their views on foreign policy the second night, the moderator changed into a timekeeper,.      (For LPR, two minutes to answer a variety of [loaded] questions is absurd.  As Orwell indicated in "1984," two minutes is  good only for expressing hate.)

For LPR, the only good thing about the two-person debate set-up is that the candidates don't  have to raise their hands to be recognized!