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Assorted Photo Observations

MAY 26, 2009 --

Speaking about New York City

LPR was in Manhattan, May 15, passing by empty stores on Broadway, seeing men wearing signboards, and a few buildings that apparently are to be torn down for new construction. LPR also noticed several fenced, corner sites where construction is underway.

Observation on Manhattan streets suggests a mixed economic message. vacant stores; construction going on. And a fair amount of sales transacted on Broadway sidewalks.

Man with placard

Store for rent

Open air book selling on Bway
Construction underway

Construction to be underway?

Watermelons on Upper Broadway

The cut watermelons in formation were spotted near 110th street. A few blocks down Broadway, LPR witnessed watermelons being tossed. FYI -- the tosses, as the one in the photograph, were caught. Send the watermelon tossers to Dave Letterman.

Watermelon in formation