Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The John Batchelor Show and other matters

September 5, 2017 --

The John Batchelor Show is broadcast Monday through Friday, 9 p/m/ to 1. a.m. (WABC radio, in the New York City metropolitan area.)

This program is about as informative a show as one can find in media land. Politics, economics, book reviews, space, international affairs.

LPR was very interested to hear Mr. Batchelor, in a brief chat with ex-Trump aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka, August 289, use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” a term that is apparently again in disfavor in this administration – if not with the president, certainly among his senior advisors – and LPR must offer this grim bit of speculation: are they advisers – or minders? That is to say, is the populist revolution the Trump victory actually represented suddenly on the ropes, hammered by a media-intelligence onslaught for the purpose of maintaining rule by the powerful on the backs of the many.

The John Batchelor Show is unique among media programming in that Mr. Batchelor’s audience is permitted to hear views that apparently are barred consequent to the Iron Curtain on information erected between the people and the media in a desperate Deep State attempt to keep us John Does ignorant. LPR cites the regular Tuesday night – 9pm to 10 pm – of Prof. Stephen F. Cohen, discussing Russia, as one good example of the show’s willingness to breach the information Iron Curtain. You sure won’t find Cohen’s insightful observation in The New York Times, or on the networks or cable programs.

And the observations of Salena Zito on the mood of the country’s John and Jane Does are most informative – based on actuality not invidious imaginings.

Batchelor, August 28, referred to Dr. Gorka as “colleague,” and LPR wonders if the former deputy assistant to President Trump is to be a Batchelor show regular.

(Actually, while he was a deputy assistant to the president , Dr. Gorka made not infrequent appearances on the show.)

LPR will note that Dr. Gorka, like the president, has come under vicious, unfair attack that reflects poorly on the hate-spewing critics– in both cases.

And it seems quite logical to LPR that if Dt. Gorka, by means of the good work of John Batchelor, is to have a forum to reach the American people, why not have the president chat with John on the John Batchelor Show, from time to time? Might prove an improvement over tweets.