Friday, March 05, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

LPR Visits Other Metro Area Beaches

August 22, 2020 --

Since the last posting, LPR visited quite by mistake, the beach at Asbury Park, NJ. LPR had intended to go to the beach at Long Branch but got off the train at Long Branch and followed the crowd to a waiting train, thinking that this second train brought people closer to the Long Branch beach. Wrong. The second train took people farther down the Jersey shore, and a conductor advised LPR that the next beach was three stops away, at Asbury Park. 

During the week, beach permits cost $5 at Asbury Park, but the beach was sold out by the time LPR got there. A kindly beach official, however, had mercy on LPR withh his beach chair and two bags, and let LPR through. The Asbury Park surf seemed milder than the Rockaway surf, but the include into the water was steeper and softer, and LPR found himself sinking into the shore line. Moral for anyone who would like to visit the Asbury Park beach. Be sure you can swim. You might find wading difficult. 

One positive note. The most attractive woman LPR has spotted at all the beaches he visited this summer, LPR spotted at Asbury Park, reading a book, taking in the sun on a beach chair.  With a winning smile and perfect white teeth, she could be a tv anchorperson -- even a tv news vice president. LPR gave her the LPR card in hopes of getting another LPR clickster.

LPR hopes to get to the beach at Long Branch before the season ends, but, meanwhile, has decided that the beach at Robert Moses State Park is well worth the 80-minute LIRR train trip to Babylon, plus another 15 minutes on the S47 bus. The waves at Robert Moses are more manageable, the sand sandier than in Rockaway, the ocean footing is firm, the incline into the water is gentle. Not far from the water's edge is a beachwear shop, a counter selling ice cream and fast food - and restrooms. LPR puts the beach at Robert Moses State Park at the top of the 2020 beach list -- with all the other visited beaches a close second!