Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Is a Biden Ouster Inevitable?

April 19, 2022 --


Imagine what Joe Biden's poll numbers would be if the media honestly reported on his presidency. Notwithstanding a media in the tank for Biden, Chris Cillizza at CNN, April 14 reports that the average of four national polls reveals that 55 percent of those poll disapprove of his presidential performance, while only 39 percent register approval.  That should suggest that only Democrats support this president, with independents and Republicans strongly in opposition.

The news must be bad for Biden if left-leaning CNN acknowledges that his approval numbers are below 40 percent.  Again, imagine how low the numbers would be if the media were not focused on using "Jan. 6" to keep the hapless, hopeless lefties in power after the November midterm elections.   Below 33 percent?

News April 14 that the Republican National Committee will no longer participate in debates under the aegis of the Commision on Presidential Debates suggests that Republicans have become emboldened to do what they should have done years go -- refuse to be part of a presidential campaign device heavily-tilted to favor the Democrat candidate.

Here's a political poll question for June:  Should Democrats figure out a way to remove Kamela Harris as vice president so that she will not succeed Biden in the event that he is forced to resign by operation of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment?   After all, Spro Agnew first had to be removed as Richard Nixon's vice president before Nixon was forced out of office.  And with the media reporting that Biden has taken to shake hands with thin air, can the Twenty-Fifth Amendment be far from going into effect?


Wouldn't the Twenty-Fifth be a preferable off-ramp for Biden than a trial of his son Hunter, and the likely riposte from Ukraine: "and you say that we are mired in corruption?"