Thursday, February 25, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

What the future holds in store if
Joe Biden wins  the presidency on November 3 - or in the weeks thereafter

October 19, 2020 --

Brietbart reported early October 13 that the New York Guild chapter of The New York Pravda denounced Never Trumper columnist Bret Stephens for criticizing paper's 1610 Project (falsely aserting that, among other things, America was founded in 1619 and on a foundation of slavery.)

The chapter reportedly withdrew the condemning tweet. 

There will be no such withdrawal should Biden win on November 3 (or in the following weeks).

The Blaze reported, October 12, that a Biden-Harris rally in Phoenix drew no people. If Biden wins November 3, orin the weeks thereafter, such no-show events will be reported, falsely,  to attract throngs of [obedient] Biden followers. And a three-level Democratic victory will lead to adding Democrats to the Supreme Court to make the court loyal to the extreme left, and new states will be added to give the Democrats permanent majorities in Congress, leading to the withering away of the two-party system as has happened in California, where races for U.S. Senate are between one Democrat -- and another.