Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Bringing Russiagate Into the Open

October 5, 2017 --

For insight into Russiagate, LPR recommends columns by William  McGurn, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. and Kimberley Strassel, in The Wall Street Journal;  the Journal’s editorials;  articles posted at  www.americanthinker.com and, certainly, the conversations, Tuesday evenings between John Batchelor and Prof. Stephen F. Cohen, on the John Batchelor Show, on the ABC radio network.  Their conversation September 26 was particularly illuminating.  Among other things Prof. Cohen called attention to the report in The New Yorrk Times, September 19, on “the aggressive tactics” used by special counsel Robert S. Muller III in his Russiagate probe, that “some describe as shock and awe tactics,” according to the Times.   Prof. Cohen wondered why  questions have not been raised about Mueller’s tactics  by persons usually sensitive to  civil liberties abuses committed by heavy-handed prosecutors.  

LPR wonders why Republicans have not protested Mueller’s tactics but, rather  seem intent, at least some GOP senators, in providing Mueller with additional  protection to keep President Trump from firing him.

Holman W. Jenkins,Jr., in his September WSJ column,  suggested that Russian efforts to help the Trump presidential campaign are “largely a fabrication of the U.S. intelligence agencies.”   Indeed, Mr. Jenkins “smells…a coverup.”  He pointed out that the FBI’s James Comey, CIA’s John Brennan and Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper regarded Mr. Trump as “a buffoonish, irresponsible candidate” who “was certain to lose.”