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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
David Brooks and LPR's Bar Mitzvah Torah Reading

May 5, 2023 --

This is, first, to call to the attention of LPR's visitors a comment in the third paragraph from the end of the David Brooks April 28 column in The New York Times: "Biden and the Struggle for America's Soul."

Brooks wrote: "One of the hardest, soul-wearying parts of living through th Trump presidency was that we had to endure a steady downpour of lies, transgressions and demoralizing behavior. We were all corroded by it."

Brooks is clearly expressing his antipathy of Mr. Tump, but inadvertently, he writes the truth. Inadvertently, because he writes for the benighted base of The Times for whom -- if the Times says so -- four splayed fingers are five. Brooks, however, wrote the truth because from the moment Donald J. Trump became the Republican nominee for president, if not sooner, the country "had to endure [about Donald Trump] a steady downpour of lies, transgressions and demoralizing behavior" -- that corroded the soul of the fiercely undemocratic anti-Trump resistance. And what media source made certain the anti-Trump downpour of lies was steady if not The New York Times , which, today, has all the political diversity of Pravda in the former Soviet Union.

More recently we have the revelation that the cry of "Russian disinformation" about Hunter Biden and his laptop was, get this, disinformation promoted by Biden, using 51 former intel people as cover, intel people whose statements can no longer be believed. What a fitting bookend to the Big Lie of 2016 and thereafter that Trump was a Russian agent.

This important article by Victor Davis Hanson in American Greatness sums up the torrent of lies about Donald J Trump that the hard left poured out from 2016 to the present day:


LPR is writing this item because he realizes that the Torah reading April 29, marking the 70th anniversary of his bar mitzvah, offers insight with respect to a Brooks or a Biden. That reading includes the following passage from Leviticus, XIX, 15:

Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment; thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor favour the person of mighty; but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour. [The Soncino Chumash, edited by the Rev. Dr. A. Cohen.]

Every day, the left, led by Biden, and ardently backed by a elitist propagandist like Brooks, does "unrighteousness in judgment," persecuting the former president and all who stand with him, and picking favorites among the poor and the mighty. Brooks wrote about Biden's focus on battling for the soul of America.

This focus is Biden's greatest piece of disinformation. The struggle in America, today is less a matter of soul and more the need to restore a consensus on righteousness.

To be specific, with Biden and his attorney-general being poster children of unrighteousness, the battle of 2024 will be to restore a sense of righteousness to the Oval Office. May the Almighty bless and protect the American people in this endeavor.