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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

By the way ...

February 28, 2010 --

I (David R. Zukerman, LPR proprietor), am planning to run for governor of the State of New York.

Why? I believe in the relevance of our founding legacy. I believe in the counsel set forth, generally, in The Federalist Papers, and, specifically, in the first half of Federalist Paper No. 57. Accordingly, when my campaign for governor gets underway, contributions will be limited to $57.

Presently, Andrew Cuomo is regarded as the likely Democratic candidate for governor, and Rick Lazio is the leading Republican aspirant. I look forward to asking the attorney general about his involvement, as U.S. Housing Secretary in the Dayton-Seaside property tax matter, a matter that included curious disposition, by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs, of the Dayton Seaside property tax escrows – disposition which supported New York City’s factually inaccurate claim of vast tax arrearages at the Dayton Seaside buildings.

Sen. Hillary Clinton defeated Mr. Lazio in their Senate race. I tried to call No. 57 to his attention, during that campaign. Perhaps he never got my messages. I do not recall he ever referred to No. 57. I would ask him, in this gubernatorial campaign, if he regards No. 57 as relevant, or as mere relic from our past. I would also ask Mr. Cuomo his view of No. 57, and of another Federalist Paper – No. 10, which has one line warning us that powerful people will apply property taxes to unjust purpose.

I have not heard much about Mr. Lazio since his loss to Senator Clinton. If he has ever clicked LPR, he would have some information about the heavy hand that dominates the nation’s economy at present: a hand heavy with the economic brass knuckles of today’s business leaders who seek, as Madison explains in the very first line of Federalist 57,the “ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few.” These economic brass knuckles are wielded without notice from our elected officials. If our elected officials noticed, would banks crush us with 30% credit card interest rates, with a penalty of $35 on a $12 overdraft?

With G-d’s help, I will be a serious, a very serious candidate for New York state governor. I believe the people of the State of New York -- indeed, throughout the land --still have faith in our founding legacy. If I am right on this, with the founders smiling, there will be a very fresh face in Albany, next January, a very fresh face, indeed.

More on this, next LPR.