Thursday, February 27, 2020
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

"Climate Change" Censorship

September 5, 2019 --

The shortening of daylight hours became sharply noticeable the last week in August when darkness fell in New York City by about 8p.m. where only weeks earlier, night fell nearly an hour later. There are, after all, some things beyond the control of humanity. The number of daylight hours we enjoy during the Earth's rotation is one of them. (Daylight saving simply shifts the time on our clocks by one hour -- from morning to evening.) LPR also noticed that the days have been cooler, like early autumn-like in New York, the last week in August.

Alluding to nature, recently, on the John Batchelor Show, law professor Richard Epstein pointed out that the carbon dioxide exhaled by people is absorbed by plants as part of the photosynthesis process, and has scant affect, if any, on temperature. (In exchange, of course, plants release oxygen.)

Yet, so much attention is given to the impact of carbon on temperature, and dissent on the subject is dismissed as "climate denial."

LPR believes that "climate change" is a natural phenomenon, and that humanity can impact the climate no more than it can affect the daily rotation of the planet and its orbit around the sun.

LPR believes it is sheer hubris when individuals claim that "climate change" is not a natural phenomenon. but is caused by humanity -- and sheer folly to assert that humanity is doomed if the use of fossil fuels is not banned. Moves to silence those who contend that changes in climate are beyond humanity's control represent censorship -- assaults on the free flow of information.