Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Some Advice to Congressional Republicans

October 19, 2017 --

Don't take The New York Times and The Washington Post seriously, along with and the Sunday TV talk Shows (except, possibly for, Chris Wallace at Fox News). All one can expect from the Trump-hating outlets is an ongoing stream of...Trump-hate, a campaign of political bigotry the extent to which our country, probably, has never experienced. Peggy Noonan, ended her October 14/15 Wall Street Journal column by asserting: "Half the country does net see what the journalists, establishment figures and elites of Washington see." Unfortunately, Ms. Noonan cannot understand that what these figures see is a reality distorted by the aggrandizing mindset Madison warned us about at the opening to Federalist No. 57.

Before you think of to supporting The Swamp's War on President Trump, which is really the establishment's war on populism, read the first half of Federalist Paper No. 57, which, in pertinent part, calls for elected officials to represent the people, not lord over them. This important expression of populism opens with implied criticism of those who are "most likely to aim at an ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few." This is the aim of politicians who dismiss ordinary Americans as "deplorables."

Congressional Republicans should stand with the president in his campaign to drain The Swamp and revive our legacy of liberty. The New York Times, in a foolish editorial, November 6, 2016, imagined that President Trump would rule as "an ignorant and reckless tyrant...."

Last week , the president acted to encourage Congress to take action to end the harm to health care in American caused by Obamacare, and also to become involved in making the nuclear deal with Iran a better deal for America. Hardly the actions of a tyrannical leader intent on overthrowing our democratic institutions.

And how about the announcement. October 12 that we will leave Unesco because of its "'anti-Israel bias?'" Hard to imagine that kind of announcement coming from a Hillary Clinton administration.