Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
The Consensus on Justice
Has Broken Down

July 19, 2022 --



The Wall Street Journal took notice in a July 6 editorial of the refusal of county authorities in Maryland and Virginia, along with the frefusal of Biden's Department of Justice, to enforce stte and federal laws banning demonstrations outside the homes of members of the Supreme Court. Not only have county authorities in Maryland and Virginia refused to enforce the relevant laws protecting Supreme Court justices from intimidation, they have been quoted to say, in effect, just who does the marshal of the Supreme Court think she is writing to us to keep leftists from intimidating the justices who voted to overturn the abortion ruling in Roe V. Wade?

The Journal's editorial opens with this observation: "When it comes to shielding Suprme Court Jutices from intimidation by a mob, the buckstops apparently nowhere." Ah, but does anyone doubt that there would have been swift action by the county officials in Mryland and Virginia, as well as by the partisan U.S. attorney general had the Roe v. Wade ruling been sustained and had anti-abortion protesters swooped down on the private hopes of the justices who had upheld the Roe decision?

This observer will go further to assert that any anti-abortion demonstrator who dared to picket the homes of say, Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer (since retired) would have been picked up by FBI Swat teams and be presently in jail, awaiting a trial to take place in 2023 on felony charges.

The proof is in the one-sided partisan event taking place on Capitol Hill to put former president Trump in the dock on, there is no other word for it, trumped-up charges.

Taking the Let's Put the Shoe on the Other Foot approach, does anyone doubt that The New York Times and The Washington Post would, long ago, have incited a firestorm against a House panel that was chosen by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, consisting only of anti-Biden Republicans, chaired by a "right-wing extremist" who established his own rules, sending out a plethora of subpoenas to Biden administration officials and to liberal members of the Houseof Representatives?

Imagine further that the witnesses before this anti-Biden committee had no personal knowledge of their testimony, but repeated hearsay.

The legal experts who support the hearsay testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson would be up in arms denouncing the legislative travesty that evoked the show trials under Stalin in the Soviet Union, 90 years ago.

Another huge difference comes to mind in this example of two-tiered legislative rule on Capiotl Hill.

If the GOP carried out hearings as one-sided as Pelosi's personally-selected January 6 House committee, the networks would boycott coverage, and the Democrats would quickly get a court order shutting down this warped version of democratic government in the U.S.A.

In brief, the failure of officials to prevent mob intimidation outside the homes of justices of the Supreme Court (mobs, after all, are only perceived at right-wing protests), and the transformation of House committee hearings into infomercials to destroy Donald J. Trump and his populist movement, are all the "evidence" we need to realize that the idea of Justice now depends on whose ox is being gored.