Monday, March 01, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Is There No One To Stand With the President Against the Coronavirus Calumnies Concocted Against Him?

April 19, 2020 --

The Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2020 carried a column by George Gilder, investor, author, economist (among other things), that concluded, quoting at some length:

"It may be a hard truth for many to grant, especially because so many in the media hate the president with a fever that itself seems a contagion, but an optimistic, patriotic, practical-minded politician like Donald Trump, who over the past few years presided over a period of singular economic success, is exactly the man to provide the correct, if undoubtedly painful, cure for the current crisis. We may not envy him his decisions, but he is in the best position to make them."

Mr. Gilder suggested that as our military leaders defer, in their war-making decisions to civilian authority -- to the president as commander-on chief, and to Congress-- the scientific experts should defer, similarly to civilian authority.   This, Mr. Gilder wrote, is "how a free people governs itself, even in a perilous crisis. It is how we bring the largest possible perspective to decision-making."  The title of this op-ed is "We Need Politicians In a Pandemic."   LPR would add to that, that the president needs bureaucrats who are loyal to him, as well as members of Congress and Senate, of his own party who will defend him against unscrupulous Democrats and media people.  Why not lump them together as Pelosians, and consider them to be a modern day version of the McCarthyites of the past century?

How quick  Trump-haters are to accuse the president of risking lives by his handling of the coronavirus.  Hardly a day goes by without accusatory articles appearing in The New York Times. Perhaps 
the most mean-spirited of malicious lot was the op-ed from Susan E. Rice, President Obama's UN ambassador and then his national security adviser.  The title of the harangue was "Trump's Hobbesian Jungle," and it did not end until Ms. Rice asserted:  "Many thousands more Americans will die unnecessarily because of [the president's] incompetence and perfidy...." 

Photo from the LPR Archives - April 4, 2007 - Donald Trump

LPR is not aware that Dr. Anthony Fauci responded to, much less rebuked, Ms. Rice for putting her pen to remarks that were unhelpful and, indeed, uncalled for.  Imagine the outrage that would be erupt had a conservative brought such accusations down on President Obama.

House Speaker Pelosi has directed the coronavirus calumny against the president without response from any House Republican, so far as LPR can tell. 

LPR tried various search phrases on Google and drew up an item about the GOP position on a stimulus package, followed by an item linking to...Pelosi's coronavirus attack on the president. No search result linking to GOP defense of the President. What are House Republicans doing while the House is in recess.  Tending to gardens, to the extent state governors will permit such activity?   

LPR would counsel congressional Republicans, stay silent while the Pelosians smear the President, and Republicans generally, and watch the Pelosians sweep on November 3, and see a Diabolicrat elected president. Followed by the imposition of authoritarian rule that has, these coronavirus days already begun to emerge. 

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik, you have got to make GOP response to vicious attack from the Pelosians a regular responsibility of House Republicans -- with support from White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows your former House colleague.