Saturday, September 30, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Viewing LPR's Crystal Ball Eighteen Months Before the 2024 Elections

Viewing LPR's Crystal Ball Eighteen Months Before the 2024 Elections

April 19, 2023 --

GOP will handily win Senate and House majorities. By ten votes in the Senate and at least 28 votes in the House.'

Donald J. Trump will be the first president since Grover Cleveland to be elected to two non-successive terns, (He will also be fly-specked by Biden's DOJ, straining to bring a federal indictment prior to January 20, 2025.) Mr. Trump's vice president is not clear at this point: either Mike Pompeo or Elise Stefanik.

But for sure, Ron DeSantis will be attorney general who would have brought charges against Hunter Biden but for the last minute pardon given Huner by his father. Attorney General DeSantis will, however, indict several high-level Democrats on conspiracy and RICO corruption charges, with Messrs, Wray, Brennan and Clapper pleading nolo contendere. (On January 20, 2025, Rep Sheila Jackson will strike a blow for The Resistance by submitting an impeachment resolution against the 47th president.)

Under re-elected President Trump, the economy will get back to booming. Sen. McConnell will have retired, and the Mar-A-Lago talks will end the fighting between Russia and Ukraine.

Now vote MAGA and make this happen

btw -- CNN and The New York Times will file for bankruptcy by May 2025.