Sunday, February 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Concerning Gov. Cuomo --
and the Bible

April 5, 2020 --

The Wall Street Journal says that ninety percent of New Yorkers approve his coronavirus policies.  Put LPR in the ten percent minority. 

LPR gets the sense that the governor is enjoying his time in the limelight a bit too much.  And then there is the matter of his saying Mayor de Blasio lacks power to order people to stay home, as if to say it is too drastic a move, and then orders people to stay home. 

The President talks about a quarantine for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and backs down after the governor opposes the plan, and soon after, Mr. Cuomo orders all nonessential New Yorkers to stay home.   Who is a "nonessential" New Yorker? Seems to LPR that the great majority of wage-earners are essential to their families.  

And with estimates that one-third of the work force will soon be unemployed, how can that be good for the citizenry, and the country?  Even with this coronavirus situation.  LPR hopes President Trump is not about to tolerate orders by officials that are a variation of the story  in Genesis 47: 13 - 26, which told how Joseph used the famine in Egypt to transform Egyptians into vassals of the Pharaoh, taking first their money, for bread, and then their herds, and finally their land.  One hopes that the stay home orders are not prompted by officials using the coronavirus outbreak to make the people dependent on government, as Joseph made the people of Egypt dependent on Pharaoh.