Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Liberty's Problem With
Death Wish Republicans

July 5, 2022 --

The second lead in the June 23 print edition of The New York Times, by Luke Broadwater, informed readers that "pro-Trump Republicans...regret" the decision to withdraw names of Republican House members to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her approval after she vetoed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's first two choices for the January 6 House Select Committee, Reps.Jim Banks and Jim Jordan.


Broadwater reported that Republicans have complained "they have no insight into the inner working of the committee...."

The Times reporter does not point out that this complaint implies that the two "Republicans" on the committee, Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger" are apparently keeping mum about those "inner workings".

But what more need Republicans to know this committee that flouts its organizing rules to insure that its members will be Pelosi puppets, Democrat or Republican?

Or are these Death Wish Republicans -- any "pro-Trump Republican" who thinks that the Pelosi Inquisition would be anything more than an oxymoronic, one-side bipartisan panel -- intimidated into craven representation after all these years of the anti-Republican resistance, resistance that sought to undermine the legitimate election of Donald J. Trump as president with 22 months of the Mueller false-premises probe, followed by not one but two impeachments, including one impeachment that continued beyond the Trump presidency.

Broadwater, in addition to citing GOP members of Congress who now think Mr.McCarthyshould have accepted Pelosi's diktat, includes Mr. Trump among the number who regard the valiant McCarthyboycott of the imperious, democrachy-threatening Pelosi to be "'a bad decision.'"

It disappointing to learn, via the propaganda-ridden Times that Republicans imply they could have unstacked this Inquisition by bending knees to Pelosi. It is disheartening to learn that Mr. Trump, himself, thinks he would have gotten a better deal by caving in to Pelosi.

Perhaps the Death Wish Republicans have fooled themselves into believing that this Pelosi-selected committee has a valid governmental purpose. Perhaps they gave Broadwater their death wish imindset gnorant of the purpose of this inquisition: to see to it that Donald J. Trump's days in the public arena are soon to come to end.

This is made clear by the following paragraph in a Washington Post story, June 23, by Spencer S. Hsu, Josh Dawsey and Devlin Barrett:

"The [Jan. 6] hearings on Capitol Hill have increased public pressure on the Justice Department to more aggressively investigate Trump and those close to him for their roles to the run-up to Jan. 6."


What is this paragraph about if not a demand that Garland get with it and indict the former president?

The Post's propagandists do not say from where this "public pressure on the Justice Department" originates? But propagandists never need to substantiate their assertions. For propagandists, the assertion is proof.. For anti-Trump propagandists it was enough to allege that he was a Putin puppet for the $34 million Mueller faux probe to get underway. For anti-Trump propagandists it was enough to impeach President Trump because he dared to direct U.S. foreign policy over the objections of Ms. Fiona Hilll and an obscure Army officer on the national security staff. For anti-Trump propagandists, it was enough to accuse the peacefully outgoing President Trump of leading an unruly crowd at the Capitol to heights of insurrection for th accusation, in the eyes of the anti-Trump Resistance, to become factully decriptive of reality. And now, it is enough for anti-Trump propagandists to accuse him, falsely, of conspiracy to obstruct Congress as the Clinton cabal false accused him of obstruction of justice, in the time of Mr. Mueller's probe.

The aim, whether Donald J. Trump is in power, or not, is to destroy him politically -- and, now, if that requires a DOJ indictment of the former president to insure he does not become a future president , so be it.

Where are Republicans who will pay attention to a Julie Kelly who would remind them that security at the Capitol is the responsibility of the execrable Nancy Pelosi, not the president? Where are Republicans who will pay attention to Margot Cleveland who, at The Federalist, carefully explains how state officials in Georgia did not enforce the state's election law and let slide invalid ballots in 2020?



Rather than take to heart the valid criticisms of Democrats, voiced on the internet by patriots, nor even take notice of the admissions of totalitarian intent printed in the Pravda-like media, so-called "loyal Republicans" regret about not caving-in to Pelosi and her ilk -- and even seem to rush to tell the supercilious media what it wants to hear. If that's not a political death wish, what is?

And by the way, Republicans, Breitbart, late June 23, reported that FBI agents swooped down in a pre-dawn raid on a former Trump official's, home and hauled into the street in his pajamas. Can you not understand how silence in the face of this administration's repressive tactics j is tantamount to a death wish for our heritage of liberty?


Republicans, do not abandon the American people -- for it you do, you abandon liberty's cause in the U.S.A -- thereby violating your oath to the Constitution. Please, do not emulate the anti-democracy Democrats in that regard.