Saturday, September 30, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
The decline and fall of the U.S. media


The decline and fall of the U.S. media

May 19, 2023 --

Please read that important article by Law Professor Jonathan Turley


Professor Jonathan Turley writes, at the Hill, about the transition of the U.S. media from its previous adversary posture towards government to its present role as cheerleaders for the Democrat party. (LPR recalls, however, Theodore H. White pointing out in his "Making of the President 1960" that reporters covering Sen. John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign marched a if they were "soldiers of the lord to the New Frontier.")

Compare the see-no-evil media mindset to coverage of Biden to the 24/7 drumbeat of anti-Trump propaganda that issued forth from media computers, with the aim of promoting his ouster by means of lies about and against President Trump. The media that today ignores the foreign sources of Biden family wealth manufactured lies to convince Americans that Mr. Trump was a traitor.

Simply stated, the media in covering Biden and the Democrats have all the credibility of Pravda in the former Soviet Union. Rays of honest recitation of Soviet reality were furnished by underground reports called samizdat. Websites like LPR, American Thinker and American Greatness are the honest descendants of the samizdat.

Prof. Turley points out that in the 1930's, a Pulitzer award went to Walter Duranty for his reporting on Stalin's dictatorship -- reporting for The New York Times that covered up Stalin's ruthlessness. A few years ago, a Pulitzer went to The Times for its false reporting on President Trump's ties to Putin and Russia, Anyone who takes the Pulitzers seriously is a proponent of dishonest journalism.