Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The New York Times Expresses
the Hope of the Deep State

June 5, 2022 --

Here is the June 1 New York Times front-page headline on the Michael Sussmann trial for lying to the FBI: "Acquittal Deals/Blow to Inquiry/Urged by Trump". LPR suggests the headline should be read as saying: "Establishment Devoutly Hopes Sussmann Acquittal Is Critical Blow to Trump."

This article, by Charlie Savage, carries the viciously ant-Trump slant that one has come to expect of the Times -- gleefully by the Times' readership; unhappily by readers committed to honest journalism.

Curiously, Savage cannot avoid acknowledging the flimsiness of the accusation that Donald J. Trump was a Putin asset, writing about "thin or dubious allegations about Mr. Trump's purported ties to Russia..." Weren't reports of these "ties" put forward by The New York Times and The Washington Post honored with Pulitzer prizes -- and, therefore, isn't Mr. Trump correct in calling on the Pulitzer board to rescind those honors?

Savage indicated that the Sussmann trial had its roots in the 2016 disclosure "that Russia had hacked Democrats and Mr. Trump had encouraged [Russia] to target Mrs. Clinton's emails." First, this 2017 article in The Nation makes clear that Russia could not have hacked the Democrats.


Second, Mr. Trump's so-called encouragement was simply a joke, an indication of his irreverent sense of humor -- quite unappreciated by the left. (Cf. this Mark Twain quote: "Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense. Leftists, the enemies of liberty, cannot brook irreverence.")

LPR recommends to its visitors "Ball of Collusion" by Andrew McCarthy for an honest assessment of what the left's assault on Donald J. Trump, begun in 2016 and ongoing to the present day (scarcely a day goes by that the Times does not print another anti-Trump screed). Mr. McCarthy, a former federal prosecuor, points out that government officials discarded their public duty for partisanship in first using baseless allegations of ties to Putin to kep Mr. Trump from the White House, and, thereafter, doing all they could to hamstring his presidency, including two partisan impeachments.

LPR's CODA: The Trump-haters made a mess of Ukraine and, in the course of their destructive policies, have succeeded in fomenting the Ukraine tragedy. Indeed, there should be no doubt that had the vicious anti-Trump "Russia hoax" not succeeded,
President Trump would have contained our deep state globalists from using NATO to bear-bait Putin. The real tragedy, however, is that the deep state globalists have, thus far, succeeded in pressing their disastrous policies on America, expecting that the ordinary citizens who cannot afford Teslas, will come to like paying $75 to fill the family car's gas tank.