Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

February 19, 2021 --

The Magnificent Dmitri Hvorostovsky

LPR discovered this great talented artist too late; after his passing at too early an age. But we have videos of this marvelous Russian baritone.   Here is one link displaying not only his outstanding talent, but his popularity and charisma, too -- before a British audience.  LPR is convinced the magnificent Dmitri would transcend petty politics that currently afflicts our country.  Thus, rather than undergo the mean-spiritedness of the scond Trump impeachment, February 9, LPR listened to videos of concerts of Dmitri with Sumi Jo,  and  with Renee Fleming in Moscow.


The Great, Brave Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Dmitri made a surprise appearance at a Met Gala in May 2017. He was battling a brain tumor at the time, and had but six months to live.

Here he is singing an aria from Rigoletto.  Note the ovation that greeted him, and honored him when he finished the aria.  Having become acquainted with this marvelous baritone in recent weeks, LPR concludes that audiences all over the world loved him.  Among the tragic reasons to miss him, LPR is convinced he would have been a terrific ambassador for closer U.S. - Russia ties.  Please open this link to get a sense of this incredible talent and very special person.