Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Now is the time to resolve the Donbass Problem - Memo to President Zelensky

April 19, 2020 --

You won election as Ukraine's president because of your popular tv series "Servant of the People," in which you played a high school teacher, one Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko, who get elected president of Ukraine after a video of you denouncing corruption in Ukraine went viral.

Maybe you should deliver a short speech remarking on how your tv series led to your become a reality president, and that on reflection you are going to discourage that "going viral" image because of this reality going coronaviral.

That should get a response from at least a couple of world leaders, namely President Trump and President Putin.  Next, why not do what you think your doppelganger would do in the circumstances:  get the American and Russian president to see the value in a tripartite meeting on Donbass, which would include you as well as them.   

You would hint that you believe you have a formula to settle the Donbass issue as well as a western hemisphere issue.  That should certainly draw the interest of President Trump.   I feel free to tell you what I think President Holoborodko would tell you because,, although I've been getting a fair about of visits from sources in Shenzhen, China I remain well below the radar -- no viral visits, sorry, no vast amount of hits, yet, for LPR.  

So hear is what I imagine President Holoborodko would tell their excellencies Trump and Putin.  "Why not take a lesson from the way the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved. The former Soviet Union removed its missiles and -- the US, quietly, removed missiles pointing at the Soviet Union.  Today, Venezuela is an irritation for Washington, not to mention its people are not faring so well, in recent years.   

President Maduro is propped up with the support of Cuba and Russia.   So.  Cuba and Russia leave Venezuela, and find a home for Senor Maduro, acceptable to him and his future host.  In exchange, the US will stop encroaching on the Russian sphere of interest, Russia withdraws its volunteers from Donbass and the three parties to the Donbass talks, why not hold them in Jerusalem, to build up the gravitas of Israel's new prime minister Gantz?, will guarantee the autonomy, within a federal Ukraine, of Donbass. I have no doubt Mr. Holoborodko would propose such a settlement.

The cherry on top of this diplomatic sundae is that it would be a long step in ending the political power of American fiercely opposed to the very idea of a President Trump, as Trump-haters have been an obstacle to peace in Donbass for much too long, just as they hoped to use Russia-gate to bring down Mr. Trump, then seized on improper eavesdropping to end the Trump presidency, and now, as is evident, they would use a pandemic outbreak to destroy the U.S. economy, to prevent the re-election of President Trump.

As to my mention of Gen. Gantz as the next prime minister of Israel, Ukraine should recall that the last time Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Ukraine, he lost the election to Ehud Barak.   He apparently forgot that a pre-election visit to Ukraine is hardly a positive factor in his re-election.  Actually, the Israeli president should have encouraged Mr. Netanyahu to step aside and take a sabbatical,while maybe something could be done about the allegations against him.

Assurances, of course, of my highest consideration,

David R. Zukerman
Lonely Pamphleteer Review