Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Election Days Are Only Six Months' Away

April 19, 2022 --

The final day of the midterm elections, previously the only election day, is November 8.  LPR does not expect headlines will be much different all the days from now to then.  LPR expects that news of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, along with warnings issuing from Moscow to Washington and back, will appear on front pages.  This military conflict that would never have happened had not Zuckerberg and friends not made a joke of the 2020 presidential election, thereby putting Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in the White House.   Conservative, that is to say, pro-democracy, websites, will also report the allegations of misconduct by Hunter Biden reaching into the Oval Office, allegations to be ignored by the Pravda-like media in the U.S.

John Durham will issue filings further outlining, via his prosecution of Michael Sussman,  how Hillary Clinton tried to turn the 2016 presidential election into a campaign based on lies, false accusations of conspiracy, and politicization of our intelligence agencies.

Nancy Pelosi, working behind the scenes, will make certain that the House Anti-Trump Committee continues its campaign to persuade the citizenry that to hold an opinion questioning the way President Biden got elected is to harbor felonious views, that is to say, be guilty of sedition.  In this regard, The New York Times will make certain it carries a "Jan 6"-related article every day and twice in Sunday editions.

In a cover-up bigger than Watergate, the media will agree Biden is correct in attributing inflation to Putin and corporate greed,  not to his anti-American -- Let them drive electric cars -- policy.   (With boxes of blueberries at one Bronx supermarket at $5.99,the cost of fruits and vegetables will rise in direct proportion to the cost of gasoline, thus making inevitable a GOP political sweep of the midterm elections, provided that polls don't stop counting while boxes a mail-in ballots are stuffed at voting precincts.)

In short -- the basix front pages of the anti-democracy media will carry the same news from now to November 8, the only change made possible thereafter if this slogan is still operative:  "It's the Economy, Stupid."

And by the way, Paul Krugman, it's the Democrats, not the Republicans, that form the Party of Plutocrats.