Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Unsolicited Endorsements

July 5, 2020 --

Late last month, LPR ended more than three months of isolation in the northwest corner of The Bronx, and traveled by bus and subway to shop in a section of Manhattan below 23rd street. How liberating the traveling and shopping was.   

And how pleasant the store personnel at Old Navy, Sixth Avenue and 18th Street; Container Shop, Sixth and 19th; Fishs Eddy, Broadway and 19 were. Indeed, LPR went to these shops on succeeding days to repeat the pleasant experience.

By the way, travel by  bus became pleasant as far back as March, when New York City, to keep passengers from being near the driver, required passengers to enter form the rear door --- and without paying fares. Fares are still required for the subway, but, then, the trains seem to be cleaner than in pre-COVID-19 days.

Alas, along with the requirement that the citizenry go about their city travel and shopping wearing masks, the city's sidewalks have acquired new litter:  masks (and gloves).  Why would anyone drop a mask on the sidewalk -- unless as a kind of protest?