Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Anthony Fauci, deep state M.D.,
Enough is Enough

August 5, 2020 --

Thanks to Charles Hurt at The Washington Times, and taken up by Breitbart (which unlike other conservative sites has not started to charge visitors) after throwing a reportedly very wild Opening Day pitch, at the Nationals - Yankees opener, he did not go home to watch the game on television but was seen sitting in the stands -- and with mask hugging chin, not face.  Mr. Hurt called this an indication of arrogance.   Assuming that was not a paper cutout of Fauci and two others, that was worse than sheer arrogance; that was the high sign given to the deplorables living in churldom, held down by members of the deep state and their media vanguard.

President Trump promised to put an end to the deep state, campaigning  in 2016.  The Resistance has, as LPR sees it, been fairly successful waging civil war against the President the past four years.  If he is not re-elected and does not go  on the offensive his second term,  the Faucis in the deep state will only increase their efforts to keep us outside the ballparks, while they enjoy the games within -- and with masks no higher than their chins, if they put them on, at all.