Monday, March 08, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The First Debate:  Lots of Noise;
Little Enlightenment

October 5, 2020 --

LPR wonders why Chris Wallace asked the president if he will denounce white supremacism.  Outside radical left circles, where is there evidence that "white supremacists" have anything to do with the urban violence of the past four months?

As LPR sees it, Wallace slyly tried to divert attention from the violence in cities run by Democratic politicians. Breitbart also noted that Wallace stepped in to protect Biden from being hammered by the President for his curious LPR is pretty sure that the former vice president also said he favored some police defunding.  One typical media anti-Trumper predicted that there will not be more debates. 

That comment is about as on the mark as suggestions that Mr. Biden shouldn't debate at all. 

LPR will not be surprised should the media hail Biden as the winner of this debate, and doubts that Trump made any converts from his performance, in Miami, September 29. 

LPR further believes that the president will have to do much better against Mr. Biden in the remaining debates.

P.S.  The day after the debate, LPR caught items online reporting that the presidential debate commission was considering rules to keep the debate responses more orderly.   

LPR Suggests New Rule for the Presidential Debates

A referee should be added to look for offside penalties from either of the candidates -- and  bias from the moderator.   Should the referee blow the whistle on an offside penalty for the candidates, the candidate charged with being offside will lose one minute of  time for the first penalty.  The time loss will increase by one minute for each succeeding penalty.    Should the referee blow the whistle on the moderator, the candidate who suffers from the moderator's bias will get five extra minutes to respond to 1) the moderator's slant and 2) his adversary's arguments.