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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Latest on the Flynn Case

September 19, 2020 --

Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan on September 11 received an amicus  brief from former Federal District Court Judge John Gleeson arguing that the motion to dismiss the Flynn case should be rejected as "corrupt" and "politically motivated." 

This, for  LPR, is nothing but projection on Gleeson's part, of the deep state's efforts to undermine the Trump administration even before it took office. Recall that Gleeson was appointed amicus curiae to oppose the motion to dismiss the Flynn case after writing an anti-Flynn op-ed in The Washington Post with two other lawyers.

Apparently former judge Gleeson regards as abuse of judicial process the rejection by an administration of a prosecution brought by anti-Trump forces, and nowithstanding the fact the the current administration does not believe it can successfully prosecute the Flynn matter because of new information brought to light.

LPR regards hostility to dismissal as a gasp by the deep state to maintain a political prosecution brought by anti-Trump forces to make life difficult for President Trump from the very inception of his administration. 

The anti-Trumpists portrayed innocuous phone conversations between Michael T. Flynn, then the incoming national security adviser to the president-elect, with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak as unlawful.

[As it happens, on September 16, a discussion between outgoing Vice President Joseph R. Biden, with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, was reported to have taken place without informing Mr. Trump, and to have suggested that Biden instructed Poroshenko to keep in touch on policy.]

Judge Sullivan has scheduled a hearing on the motion to dismiss for September 29.  Lt. Gen. Flynn cannot be certain that Judge Sullivan will rule in his favor. If the motion to dismiss is denied, Flynn can bring another appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court.  If the appellate court affirms Judge Sullivan's ruling, Flynn can seek review by the Supreme Court.  Or hope for a presidential pardon.   Should Judge Sullivan rule against Flynn, the matter might well extend into the next administration, which, if headed by a President Biden, would hardly continue to join forces with Flynn in seeking dismissal of the prosecution brought by politically-motivated anti-Trumpists.