Thursday, February 25, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

On the Michael T. Flynn Pardon

December 5, 2020 --

As of November 30, The New York Pravda (LPR visitors should know what paper this refers to) has not issued an editorial comment on the  pre-Thanksgiving full pardon fthat President Trump issued to Michael T. Flynn, his first national security adviser.  LPR has a hunch that our local Pravda lacked capability to continue to bear false witness to Lt. Gen. Flynn, yet did not have integrity to recognize publicly the injustice meted out to the persecuted Flynn for four years.  But cponsider the Wall Street Journal's editorial, November 27, on the Flynn Pardon, calling it, in part: " overdue act of justice that ends four years of political harassment, unjustified persecution and judicial abuse."  The editorial went on to observe: "[E]very  should be worried about his mistreatment by a politicized system of justice that could happen to anyone on the wrong side of vindictive people with power.  [In this case the Obama cabal, including Sally Yates, mentioned as a possible attorney general in the Biden regime.]   The charges against Flynn should never have been brought, but, then, a special prosecutor never should have been appointed to bring charges against Flynn, and district judge Emmet Sullivan should have immediately granted the motion to dismiss brought by Flynn's marvelous attorney Sidney Powell, after the Washington D.C. white shoe law firm Covington and Burling let hijm be fed to the anti-Trump wolves.

The record should show that the federal appeallate court in the District of Columbia, refusing to act on Ms.Powell's motion to dismiss, returned the matter to Sullivan, but with the call to him to act with "appropriate dispatch."  As a terrible stain on judicial process, Sullivan NEVER complied with that direction.

What exacerbates the travesty of the persecution of Michael T. Flynn is that most of the media followed the lead of The New York Pravda and its Washington D.C. like-minded newspaper, and published nothing but lies about this matter, to the media's disgrace.   (LPR urges the small number of  remaining honest media outlets to refer, also, to  the paper at 620 Eighth Avenue, NYC, as The New York Pravda.)

Congress should, before the year is out,  enact legislation reimbursing Michael T. Flynn for his litigation costs, plus $40 million in damages, ten  million dollars for each year of his pain and suffering.