Thursday, February 25, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Motion on Behalf of Michael T. Flynn to Judge Emmet Sullivan To Disqualify Himself From the Case

October 19, 2020 --

In the early hours of October 7, LPR googled one last look at a couple of websites before turning in, and found a reference to the October 6 motion on behalf Michael T. Flynn that
U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan should disqualify himself from the case for his egregious conduct in presiding over the matter.

LPR urges all citizens who hold dear to the concept of equal justice for all, free from political taint or corruption, to read this superb, yet painful, document.  LPR believes it will surface by googling "Sidney Powell/ The Michael T. Flynn Case."

The argument is superb in its detail and articulation, yet painful for the persecution it discloses, by the judge, by members of the Obama administration, by numbers of attorneys in our legal profession, even by retired judges.  Apparently, there are no limits people in the justice system will go to force injustice upon an innocent man.   To cite one example, the notion that ex parte (one-sided) communications with the presiding judge are improper means nothing to members of the bar who want to punish Michael T. Flynn as their way of striking at the president.  For LPR, that alone would be sufficient reason to obtain the disqualification of Judge Sullivan and granting of the motion to dismiss his case, with prejudice.

LPR urges The Wall Street Journal to quote at length from the motion to disqualify the judge, and hopes that the motion will be picked up and cited by all media outlets that  support our traditional concept of fair judicial determination, impartiality arrived at, with fear of and favor for no political faction.

This passage from the motion to disqualify says all there is to say about the aims of those who oppose fairness for Michael T. Flynn.

"It could not be more obvious even to the untrained observer that the judge, amicus [John] Gleeson, Ms. [Beth] Wilkinson. and those politically aligned with them, are delaying, posturing, and briefing this case as a political tool hoping that Democrats will win the election and a Democratic administration will continue the political persecution of General Flynn."

LPR visitors, this cited statement points to what tyranny is all about, where courts and the executive act in tandem, with the assistance of a media committed to the zealotry of vicious partisanship, brooking no dissent.  Simply stated, the treatment of Michael T. Flynn has no place in a free society; as long as it continues none of us is free.