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"The Gates" Plus Ten Years


MARCH 5, 2015 --

February marked the 10th anniversary of "The Gates" -- the $21 million artwork brought to Central Park by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

The artists waited 26 years to see the creative vision of this artwork become reality, thanks in no small part to their friendship with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. A lesson perhaps that the creative spark may also require the low, continuing flame of perseverance (with a touch of personal contact). Fortunately, the weather during February 2005 was a lot milder than the weather we got last month. Hmm. Did "The Gates" keep New York City warmer than usual, February-March 2005?

LPR here re-posts its third anniversary commemorative for "The Gates".


FEBRUARY 18, 2008 --

A bit more than three years ago -- January 2005 -- Shana (of blessed memory) and I noticed rectangular bases, with orange plastic mini-cones attached, along the edges of the pathways of Central Park.  

This was the opening phase of the placement of "The Gates,"by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, engineering by Vince Davenport, permission by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, on the canvas provided by 23 miles of Central Park pathways.

Mayor Bloomberg

Next, the frames were placed on the bases and on February 12 the artwork went on display.

New York City estimated that "The Gates" drew 4 million people to Central Park and created a quarter billion dollars of economic activity in the city. People cheered; people sneered.

During the time of "The Gates" LPR crossed paths with two celebrities in the park. Yoko Ono said that she liked "The Gates" an actor Tony Roberts remarked, if memory serves, "What's not to like?"

Officially, "The Gates"  artwork was to be displayed from February 12 to February 27.  

The last elements of "The Gates" were taken down March 11, in the section of the park between the east drive and Fifth Avenue, corresponding to the East 60's.

Three of the many dedicated workers.

LPR has no stats on this, but estimates  that "The Gates" did almost as much for the sale of  digital cameras in New York City as Milton Berle did for the sale of  television sets more than half a century earlier.

I also have a hunch that "The Gates" turned everyone with a camera, digital or film,  into a photographer.
To paraphrase Will Rogers, LPR never saw a photo of "The Gates" it didn't like. LPR hopes you like these.  

(BTW -- Shana loved "The Gates."  And was sad to see them go.)

Shana standing near the cones …

and enjoying "The Gates"

Jeanne-Claude and Christo

The frames are all set …

Unfurling …

"The Gates" standing at attention

A winter scene …

"The Gates" in the rain …

… and in the shadows

"The Gates" at sunset

"The Gates" waving …

Au Revoir Jeanne-Claude and Christo …

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