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The Hypertensionized Apple

APRIL 4, 2010 --

A "base fine," indeed.

LPR is aware of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's opposition to substances like trans fat and salt. But what about actions by his agencies that can only impose stress on city residents?

This writer opened an envelope from the City of New York, on returning home after a four-day hospital stay for hypertension. The letter declared that "persuasive evidence" had been submitted "that a curent receipt was properly displayed or payment of muni meter was made for parking at the cited location when the summons was issued. Summons upheld." The adjudication notice went on to declare: "The base fine is 65.00 Total amount due = 65.00"

(And to think, the traffic agent told this writer, just tell PVB you paid for the receipt.)

Second LPR parking tag story:

LPR got to the LPR mobile just as a ticket agent began writing summons. After the summons was placed on the windshield, LPR saw that it was accused of "receipt expair."

LPR was exultant. There can be no offense in the Englosh language called "receipt expair." Wrong. The Parking Violatons Bureaus edited the accusation to "receipt expired."

And so, for LPR now realizes, after four days in hospital for hypertention, the PVB initials must be a City Hall warning NYC dwellers may be subject to "Pounding Vicious Blood-pressurized head pain."

Thanks, Michael.