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A Note on Some of the Images
this Posting of LPR

November 5, 2020 --

October 15 was a bright sunny day and LPR thought it would be perfect for a ferry trip to Rockaway Beach.  Included here are images of the trips to and from Rockaway by ferry including images of lower Manhattan, the Verrazano Bridge and the Marine Parkway Bridge. 

Staten Island tower of Verrazano Bridge

Heading to Verrazano Bridge and Rockaway

Approaching the Marine Parkway Bridge

Marine Parkway Bridge from the Rockaway Ferry heading back to Manhattan

Coney Island from Rockaway Ferry

Brooklyn Heights from ferry to Rockaway

Lower Manhattan en route to Manhattan

LPR went up to the exposed top deck for the trip.  As the images of huddled passengers show, this was not a trip like a summer's day voyage to Rockaway. The ferry created a stiff breeze that chilled those brave enough to stay on top, and not travel in the cabin below.

Two huddled passengers on Rockaway Ferry

One wind-whipped passenger en route to Rockaway

Not many passengers mid-day after summer

The few passengers on top deck

In spite of the sun, the breeze on the beach was no less chilling than the breeze on the ferry; it even stirred up the sand at times as if to signal the oncoming of a sandstorm.  LPR endured beach conditions for 40 minutes, at which point LPR realized that this would not be a day for summertime basking, walking to the Rockaway ferry dock for the voyage back to Manhattan. 

LPR shadow on empty beach, October 15

Surf October 15 at Rockaway

Sandy path to beach at Beach 108 Street

The ferry dock in Rockaway

Ferry approaching Rockaway dock at Beach 108 Street

Coming next spring: a park ABOVE the Hudson

Statue of Liberty from afar

Seagate Save

Seagull sentinel at Pier 11 East River at Wall Street

Manhattan Skyline

Approaching lower Manhattan

Heading back to Manhattan