Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Would Trump Have Been Indicted Had He Lost?

June 5, 2018 --

May 20, Michael Goodwin in his New York Post column, aptly noted that had the election gone the other way, we would not have rejected the Iran deal, nor a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, to name two major issues. On the matter of the special counsel office, though, things might have gone the same way -- not, of course, to probe President H. Clinton emails, but to probe those allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia.

LPR recalls the Times editorial that indicated the "toxic effects" of the Trump campaign will have to be addressed -- after a Clinton victory.

LPR imagines a campaign led by The New York Times, as it led the campaign for a special counsel, last May, to put Trump on trial for conniving with the Russians to become president. Note that had Hillary Clinton won, her IRS would have had the Trump tax returns to review --and/or leak to The Washington Post et al.