Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

An Interesting Twist...

September 5, 2020 --

Here is an interesting twist to the hydrogen peroxide piece.  September 1s, after spending 75 minutes painlessly in Dr. Paly's dental chair, undergoing root canal treatment, LPR went to the Barnes & Noble store in Union to purchase Lesley M.M. Blume's book, "Fallout," about John Heersey and the writing of "Hiroshima."   LPR then went to a CVS store, at 19th Street and Sixth Avenue to see if they had any hydrogen peroxide.

Not only did this CVS have hydrogen peroxide, they had 32 fluid ounce bottles of the solution - and get this, the price was only $2.29, seventy cents cheaper than 16 and 8 ounce bottles at certain Bronx drug stores.   

And a bargain compared to the four ounce bottles that cost a dollar at my local pharmacy.  Eight of those four ounce bottles would amount to 32 ounces -- but cost EIGHT dollars. 

Why aren't 32 ounce bottles of peroxide available in the northwest section of The Bronx, at $2.29?   

What's the situation with sales of hydrogen peroxide across the USA. 

LPR clicksters, as a variation of what  they say on public buses and trains in NYC, if you see something funny about sales of hydrogen peroxide, say something.

And an aside...

Speaking of public buses in NYC, on August 31, the months of free bus transportation due to Coronavirus-19 are over. No longer are riders directed to enter buses at the back doors and for free. It's back to the fare system. But we still have to wear masks on the buses (and subway trains). LPR wonders: are masks to become permanent adornments for a free people.