Saturday, June 22, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
LPR Proposes a New Symbol for the GOP: the Jackal

June 19, 2023 --

This June 8 New York Times headline -- "Pence Denounces Trump / As 'Reckless' on Jan. 6" -- immediately prompted realization that the GOP is headed by a pack of jackals. That thought was bolstered by this online headline in the Trump-loathing Washington Examiner:


Only on getting home did LPR notice this Times reward for Pence's anti-Trump disloyalty -- an article next to his denunciation of the former and, G-d-willing, next U.S. president: "Despite G.O.P. Shift, Pence Grasps HIs Beliefs." Unfortunately, those "Beliefs" include accepting the lies and contumely about Mr. Trump propagated by truly evil forces in U.S. politics. If it weren't for Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence today would be desperate for an academic sinecure and would hardly be a household name.

Now absorb that Washington Examiner June 8 headline: "Pence signals 2024 GOP field beginning to focus on front-runner Trump." What better indication that the elephant is no longer an apt symbol for the Republican Party. Elephants never forget. The GOP's 2024 field has already forgotten how great Mr. Trump was as president until the deep state finally undermined him by artful use of Covid-19 mandates and lies disseminated by the intel spear-carriers for the deep state that the truth about the Hunter Biden scandalous laptop contents was "Russian disinformation."

Mike Pence should know that the anti-Trump propaganda he spews about Jan. 6 constitutes "false witness." which should concern him as a Bible-accepting Christian. Where was Mike Pence when the Pelosi partisan panel ignored the terms of its organizing resolution to harass patriots as political heretics? Where was Mike Pence declaring that Pelosi was out of order vetoing the appointment of true Republicans to her "select" Ja n. 6 committee.

Either nowhere to be found, or ignoring the lies set forth in the preambular paragraphs of Pelosi's political persecution.

There is another anti-Trump propaganda piece in the June 8 Times -- the lead article suggesting that Biden/Garland will indict Mr. Trump fpr his handling of classified documents after he left office...." Is there any doubt Biden/Garland will effect a political prosecution of Mr. Trump? Wasn't that the purpose of the banana republic raid on Mr. Trump's Florida home, last August? How soon until Mike Pence denounces MAGA, along with the MAGA leader? Shame on Mike Pence and the ret of the Republican jackals.

The propaganda piece on the president's documents (he was, after all THE president) concluded by referring to a debate among "legal experts" as to where a criminal conviction of Mr. Trump is more likely: Washington, D.C. or Florida. Proof beyond all doubt that the deep state will not rest until the imprisonment of Mr. Trump -- along with, I guess, his secret service detail to which he is entitled as former president (notwithstanding the venom of the anti-Trump, anti-liberty cabal.

If a pachyderm were still the Republican symbol, the party would be unified behind Donald C. Trump for 2024, and would run run through the real party of political insurrection like, well, like a herd of elephants.