Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Jerusalem Causes Two Never-Trumpers to Ease-up on Their Never Trumpism

December 19, 2017 --

New York Post columnist John Podhoretz is not known to be pro-Trump. He wrote, after Trump's speech accepting the GOP nomination, "was a blast of anti-American sentiment and Spenglerian despair that might fit his own political marketing plan but is nothing less than a repellent slander against these United States." Podhoretz ended that column, reprinted in The Jewish Press, July 29, 2016, suggesting Trump "indulged himself in a deeply unpatriotic act of rhetorical infamy."

Compare to the Podhoretz column, in the New York Post, December 7, on Trump's statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital: "What Trump did was stunning.... [He] called the international community's seven-decade bluff and ended a delusion about the future that has prevented Palestinians from seeing the world and their own geopolitical situation clearly. It is a bold shift." The column ended with this single term: "Bravo."

Trump-hater Bret Stephens was more circumspect in his New York Times column on the president's action, December 9, but it did imply grudging support in the opening paragraph: "If nothing else, Donald Trump's decision on Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital shows how disenthralled his administration is with traditional pieties about the Middle East. It's about time."

By the way, should, in coming days and weeks, Mr. Stephens offer support for James Comey, please bear in mind that while still a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Comney, had this as the title of his November 1, 2016 piece: "Resign, Mr. Comey."