Saturday, September 30, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Mr. Jordan Goes to Manhattan

April 19, 2023 --

Not surprisingly, the April 18 print edition of The New York Times buried its account of the "adversarial" Manhattan hearing, the day before, of the House Judiciary Committee on the criminal prosecution policies of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, on page A 14.


Apparently, the Times readership base will high-five the attacks on Republicans from Democrat committee members, while gnashing teeth that Chairman Jordan dared hold the hearing in bluest of blue Manhattan, won by Biden in 2020 by almost 90% of the vote. LPR is more interested in the judicial outcome of Mr. Bragg's challenge of the subpoena issued to him by Committee Chairman Jordan.

The Times report on the April 17 hearing in Manhattan included a paragraph noting that "a lawyer for Mr. Jordan filed a response to Mr. Bragg's lawsuit, saying that it represented 'an extraordinary and unconstitutional' attempt to have a judge interfere in a congressional inquiry."

Indications are that Mr. Bragg might have some difficulty fighting of the Judiciary Committee subpoena. His motion for a temporary restraining order was rejected by the judge, as per the ruling embedded in this Trending Politics story:


NEW: Judge Smacks Down District Attorney Alvin Bragg's Restraining Order Request Against Jim Jordan

On Monday, a federal judge in New York dealt a blow to the efforts of Alvin Bragg, Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, to prevent a House investigation into

The text of the ruling indicates that Mr. Bragg did not include in his motion for temporary relief the documents that motion relied on!


The Times, April 17, published a full-page article on Chairman Jordan, by Luke Broadwater, that reflected his paper's party line against Republicans.

And so, Jordan was described as leader of "hard-right lawmakers" and "ruthless" in opposing Democrats.

(On that charge, LPR would contend that Chairman Jordan does not yet fully appreciate the "going for the jugular" strategy of the hard left. And Broadwater, of course, did not mention the fact of Democrat ruthlessness, as per Nancy Pelosi's rejection of Mr, Jordan, and Rep. Jim Banks, from membership on the Jan. 6 House Select Committee that was less a committee and more a panel to crush political heresy.)

Curiously, however, Broadwater noted that "unlike many members of Congress, [Jordan's] financial disclosure forms show he is not particularly wealthy."
And Broadwater quoted Mr, Jordan on former president Trump: "'Because of President Trump, we are now a populist party, rooted in conservative principles, which is frankly where we always should have been,' he said." LPR says: Amen to that.

Broadwater also quoted this Jordan comment on the former president: "'I just like the way he fights.'"

LPR, now, would like to see evidence that Jim Jordan realizes that the way to fight the hard left lawmakers is to hold them accountable for legislative improprieties.