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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

An Unprecedented Assault
on the Judicial Process

May 19, 2022 --

The Buffalo Shooting Was Not a Random Act of Violence.


The New York Times editorial page is the greatest purveyor of media mendacity since Pravda of the days of the former Soviet Union. And so, the May 16 (May 17 print edition) editorial, "The Buffalo Shooting was Not a Random Act of Violence," is not directly unremarkable for this paragon of pusillanimous propaganda. The slurs directed at Republicans are to be expected from an organ intolerant of the expression of diverse political views. Stated succinctly: The New York Times will denounce anyone who disagrees with its neo-totalitarian mindset.

This is, however, to take notice of the vicious quote from Liz Cheney directed against Republicans at the conclusion of the latest Times political diatribe. Notice is taken not for purposes of comment on the editorial, but to wonder if the House GOP leadership, particularly Rep. Kevin McCarthy, will ever blink out of his "deer-in-the-headlights" posture.

The editorial, in part, quoted the Wyoming representative:

"Ms. Cheney tweeted on Monday [reacting to the Buffalo, N.Y. shooting massacre]: 'The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism....'"

The editorial, then added: "She's right." No, she is left, far, far left, one cannot avoid remarking, to change the context.

The primary for Wyoming's at-large House seat is three months' off -- August 16, and the date cannot happen soon enough, as the likelihood is that Wyoming's voters will do what the House GOP leadership has been unwilling to do: end Cheney's career as the Republican Party's representative from Wyoming.

Given this leadership's failure to remove Cheney from the House Republican caucus after she voted for President Trump's second impeachment, after she personally insulted the former president with the terms of the most rabid leftist, after she joined the January 6 inquisition at the invitation of Creature Pelosi, not as a choice of House GOP leader McCarthy, Mr. McCarthy cannot be expected to remove Cheney from the House Republican conference for her egregious attack on House Republicans to the applause of a media outlet apparently committed to one-party government in the U.S., totalitarian government, that is, where democracy is replaced by expertocracy, with effective rule of, by and for the Fiona Hills of the deep state (suggesting "Fiona-Hillism" as neologism).

The failure of the House GOP leadership to remove Cheney from the House Republican conference cannot do other than to demoralize the Republican base as we approach the midterm elections, this November. What message does Mr. McCarthy send to the voters other than: "I can take no further action against Ms. Cheney because I cannot deal with the insults and vituperation that the Democrats and its media agents will hurl at me, much less the expected gloating from Cheney herself. I will let the voters deal with the lady from Wyoming."

The question then becomes: If the Republican Party refuses to take effective action against a turncoat who gives aid and comfort to the neo-totalitarians of the left, how can we face a GOP victory November 8 with optimism?

Wouldn't it seem that new leadership must follow a MAGA congressional victory, this autumn?