Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Just Wondering …

August 5, 2017 --

… President Trump must know that just about anyone he criticizes will become a hero in the eyes of his enemies. Prime example, of course: James Comey.

What if the president criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions, knowing this would get Senate Democrats to have sympathy for their former colleague for whom they previously had no special bond because not only was he a Republican– but a conservative Republican? Indeed, aren’t there those on the left who viewed Sessions as a racist?

Now, the president has Senate Democrats easing up on the attorney general – just before he cracks down on those responsible for all the disinformation about Russia meddling in the election, disinformation intended 1) to rationalize the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and 2) employ as predicate to nullify President Trump’s election.

Note: leftists like Frank Rich, writing in New York magazine, June 26-July 9 hope that President Trump will suffer the fate of President Richard Nixon. The facts of these two matters are quite dissimilar.

To start with: LPR doubts that Nixon had the bond with his base that Trump clearlyu has with us “deplorables.”

… in “The Godfather,” Don Corleone advised his son, Michael, that the traitor will be the caporegime who comes to him with the suggestion of a meeting with Barzini. (Which is how Michael realized that Tessio – who came to him to suggest the meeting with Barzini – was the traitor.)

LPR, working on a spy scenario, would have a character say that if former intelligence chiefs called on the Department of Justice to ignore an order from the detested president to fire the special counsel, they showed themselves to be at the heart of the conspiracy to oust the president. Former CIA Director John Brennan recently told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that a White House order to fire special counsel Robert Mueller should be disobeyed. Brennan went on to tell Blitzer “that the future of this government is at stake….” LPR understands Brennan to have really meant: the future of the Old Order is at stake.