Monday, March 01, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, Reid Wins His First Super Bowl

February 5, 2020 --

By the end of three quarters, it looked as if the San Francisco 49ers  would win their sixth Super Bowl and tie the New England Patriots for most Super Bowl championships. They were leading the Kansas City Chiefs, 20-10 going into the fourth quarter.  Indeed,   slightly more than eight minutes into the fourth quarter, it looked like Chiefs'  Coach Andy Reid would be denied his first NFL championship. But then Chiefs'  24-yr. old quarterback Patrick Mahomes went to work, with a third and 15 44-yard pass that led to a touchdown, a few plays later, making the score 20-17. 

The Chiefs held the 49ers, for three downs, forcing them to punt, and with 2.44 left to play, Mahomes threw his second touchdown pass of the quarter, putting the Chief ahead for the first time since they led 10-3 in the second quarter.   Unbelievably, the Chief got the ball one more time and with  little more than one minute left, Damien Williams scampered 38 yards for another Chiefs' touchdown. Final score 31-20. 

LPR would put a political spin on the result; it denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the right to boast about a San Francisco championship.  Her 12th California congressional district lies entirely in San Francisco.  A Times article on the Super Bowl reports that the Chiefs are "quietly known as Middle America's team. LPR expects that most of the Chiefs will be applauded by President Trump at the White House.