Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
A misguided call for
King Charles to abdicate

September 19, 2022 --

The Atlantic, recently, published a call on King Charles III to abdicate, for reasons of age, when he becomes 75 (on November 14, 2023)


Boy is the magazine ever wrong.

LPR caught , live, the conclusion of the September 16 service in a Wales church, occasioned by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II . Observing Charles while the congregation sang "God Save the King" -- he did not join in -- LPR got the impression that only now he looked as the monarch of the United Kingdom should look: serious, dignified, mature, wise -- and human. Previously he would have seemed -- callow, Now, however, he looked, and had the bearing of a 21st century monarch, even dressed in a business suit.

LPR expects that in word, thought, deed, and appearance, the United Kingdom will be as proud of Charles as the nation was of Elizabeth, Long live the king.

Moral: Queen Elizabeth was kept on the U.K. throne for 70 years, until such time as her eldest son would indeed look the part of a majestic head of state.