Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

From the LPR Archives, August 5, 2016:
The Clinton negative campaign against President Trump continues

December 5, 2017 --

From the LPR Archives,
August 5, 2016:

The “unremittingly negative campaign” ahead

The Wall Street Journal, in its July 29 editorial, “Hope Without Change” commented that to defeat Donald J. Trump the “unpopularity” of Hillary Clinton “mean[s]… she will have to run an unremittingly negative campaign that disqualifies Mr. Trump as unfit for the Oval Office.” As the “unremittingly negative campaign” against Mr. Trump unfolds, Ms. Clinton certainly. as the Journal wrote in a July 6 editorial, will be “protected by a friendly media and political class.”

LPR would add that Ms. Clinton will be eagerly aided, as well by a media that. media will not shrink from tarring anyone who dares to criticize Ms. Clinton.. Timothy Egan, for example, in his New York Times column, July 23, mercilessly called Patricia Smith “grief-deranged” for speaking at the Republican National Convention, July 18, blaming Hillary Clinton for the death of her son, Sean, in Benghazi, September 11/12, 2012.